The Mix Group Launches The Mix Radio Imaging Demo Experience, aka MR. IDE

The Mix Group
May 17, 2017
Mr. Ide.
Country Radio Imaging Demo Experience
Here’s what it looks like for the Country format.

The Mix Group is now offering an opportunity to audition its imaging production audio with format appropriate music with The Mix Radio Imaging Demo Experience, aka MR. IDE.  The interactive drag and drop automation system at begins with a brief tour that allows users a chance to create fully imaged segues.  MR. IDE offers an auto or manual segue mode, ample imaging pieces and music tracks to choose from, and MIX tips throughout.  The result – a real sense of how the product sounds on air.

President of The Mix Group Jason Garte comments, “No more push-play audio demos. We’ve given you the power to create your own custom segues, experiencing for yourself, the on-air sound that is inherently The Mix Group.”

Always on point and ahead of trends, The Mix Group overhauled and relaunched their website that introduces MR. IDE.

Industry was excited to report the news.  Check out the full story in Media Confidential, Jockline Daily, All Access, and RAMP.