The Mix Group is renowned for its ground breaking and award winning audio branding for the Radio and Podcasting industries. Our state of the art facilities located around the country and across the globe house a collective of world-class audio production artists who combine their talent, imagination and technological innovation to create outstanding audio every single day.

Since its inception in 2003, our team of producers have been the driving force behind the branding and top-of-mind recognition of some of the most iconic radio brands in the world. From major market station to fledgling podcast, we constantly strive to discover new and innovative ways to deliver creative, inspiring audio. We take great pride in working collaboratively as a team in order to help convey a Programmer’s vision. In a deadline-driven environment, our producers look to exceed expectations getting it done right and on the air the first time.

At Mix, we do it all.
Our team can aide in all things branding from production, voiceover, and copy-writing.

Our workplace culture is conducive to creativity. We embrace professional development and continually strive to foster a positive working environment that inspires our team to flourish. Our bilingual English/Spanish collective attract and welcome the best local and international talent from all over the world.Here, innovation and creativity go hand in hand with fun and community

At Mix, teamwork and our family bond are integral to our success.

To believe is to achieve and every day at Mix we achieve the extraordinary.
With our outstanding client support and production teams, coupled with an army of world-class audio producers and voiceover talent, we’re truly changing the sound and experience of audio, piece by piece, day by day.

Jason Garte

Jason Garte


Mix prez Jason Garte, started his career in radio as a mixer on Power 96 Miami in 1996. His passion and ability to sonically paint pictures landed him the opportunity to become the station’s first imaging production director in 2000.

Then, in 2003, he tapped into his entrepreneurial spirit at the age of 21 and launched The Mix Group out of his Miami home with KZFM-Corpus Christi as his very first client.

While Jason’s work ethic, creativity and determination have been the cornerstones of his success, he’s most proud of his life at home as a father with his wife Natally and their three children, Bella, Danny, and Milana.

Luis Portuondo

Juan Tobar

Production Director

Juan Tobar, The Mix Group’s Production Director, got his start in Audio and Radio back in good ol’ 2005. His unique combination of creativity, sonic awareness, and ability to conceptualize some of the best promos and sweepers known to all mankind, make him the perfect General to lead MIX’s deadly army of producers. Juan works 1-on-1 (or Juan-on-One… sorry Juan) with Programmers across the country, on a daily basis, collaborating with our producers to achieve the perfect sound without messing up that perfect hair (sorry again Juan.)

From protecting our industry-leading turn around time, white-glove’ing a last-minute submission, or the classic daily ritual of firing as many interns as he possibly can before lunchtime, Juan knows how to keep busy. When he’s not saving the world, Juan enjoys spending quality time with his wife Cynthia, their son Jaxson, and rescue dog, Swaggy.

Omar Fajardo

Omar Fajardo

Vice President of Affiliate Relations

Omar is the result of the mating activities of a classy mink coat, a young buck music video, and a lifted muddy F250. So basically he was made to be in radio.

Omar got his start as Promotions director for a major Video Production company and record label. He quickly learned his way around the radio industry.

Omar used to be your typical Cuban, Miami Bad Boy from South Beach, taking advantage of “Living where people vacation.” Today, he’s saddled with a mortgage he can’t pay and weekend repairs that he has no clue how to do. There is a silver lining however; playing house with his fiancé Jane, and “Gorda” his chubby 4 legged English Bulldog baby girl.

Luis Portuondo

Luis Portuondo

Affiliate Relations Manager

Luis, began his career at The Mix Group after graduating from Florida International University in 2015, with a degree in… you guessed it, Criminal Justice! After serving a brief stint as “Domingo’s Assistant”, Luis was brought on as a member of the Affiliate Relations team shortly after graduating. With crippling student loans bearing down on him, he decided that the lucrative radio industry was his only hope.

His favorite artists are KDot, Frank Ocean, Van Morrison and Milli Vanilli. When he isn’t keeping everyone in the office up to date with today’s music, Luis is busy kickin’ ass and taking names…to type into contracts.

Outside of Mix, Luis loves playing basketball, watching Netflix and has a 3 year old baby girl named Brandy. She loves taking long walks, cuddling, stealing hearts and scratches behind the ears. She’s a dog.

Alex Rosario

Alex Rosario

Affiliate Services Manager

Alex Rosario brings over 18 years of experience in customer service to MIX. He started working as a teenager at a prominent South Florida movie theater and worked his way up to GM along the way.

He takes great pride working with countless organizations and people. Putting a SMILE on someone’s face after helping them is the feeling he strives for day in and day out!

Alex truly loves to listen to radio and considers himself a P1 of most every format. Sports talk stations are by far his number one!! “It truly is an honor to work with such an amazing company. The Family bonding that we have here is really what I truly love about the Mix Group!”

Okay Alex you can stop.
Now you know why we call him Lil’ Sweet!

Domingo Rodriguez

Domingo Rodriguez

Business Manager

Born with an affinity for music, business and words, Domingo brings even more creativity and savvy to our Mix Team. Educated in the not-so-fine arts of Marketing and Music & Entertainment Business, he has been involved in the administration and management of MIX for many years now.

When he’s not singing, producing, writing music or playing his alter ego “Dayson” around the Miami music circuit, Domingo works hard to mine crucial company data, handle company finances, and add another creative perspective. Working hand-in-hand with Mix team members to maintain quality control, he is the backbone of our administrative efforts. Domingo also takes on the spot requests from the 80’s, 90’s and today. A cappella… and a la carte.