The Mix Group Radio Voice Over Talent

MIX TALENT is the Radio Industry’s new source for STRONG and UNIQUE Voice Over Talent, and the perfect pairing to our Custom Imaging Production service – THE MIX GROUP.

MIX TALENT is first and foremost different than anything you’ve ever experienced out there. We are NOT a Voice Talent agency.

The Best Voice Over Talent

MIX TALENT is a BOUTIQUE collective of the finest, hand-picked, seasoned, veteran Voice Talent. Add to that our innovative method of offering Voiceover Talent on Barter, and you’ve got something really special here at MIX.

GETTING YOUR MIX TALENT IS EASY.  We make the process simple, well, that’s not true… The process IS simple; we just don’t get in the middle of it and screw it all up. All ya gotta do is go through the site, find the MIX TALENT that pulls on your heart, brings sweat to the palm of your little girl hands, and makes you start questioning why you didn’t switch out your voice sooner.

The Mix Group Team even has the ability to help you pick the voice over talent that will take your station to the next level. Tell us what you’re thinking: maybe a fresh female voice to liven up your CHR promos, or a rough growly male voice that will give your rock listeners goosebumps? We can give you a few pointers on which of our talent fit your vision, and then create some custom demos just to make sure they are a perfect fit!

Hip Hop | Adult R&B | Rhythmic | CHR
Hip Hop | Adult R&B | Throwback Hip Hop
CHR | Rhythmic | Rock | Spanish
Steve Dubbz Voiceover Talent
Hot AC | CHR | Rhythmic
Brian Christopher Voiceover Talent
Classic Rock | Rock | News Talk
Jim Diamond Voiceover Talent
Country | Classic Rock | Rock | News Talk
Jay Douglas Voiceover Talent
Country | Hot AC | Rock | Hip Hop | Adult R&B | News Talk
CHR | Hot AC | AC | Alt Rock | Hot Country
Malcolm Ryker
Classic Rock | Rock
Scott Gorman Voiceover Talent
CHR | Country | Hot AC
Joe Cruise Voiceover Talent
CHR | Rhythmic | Rock | Country | Sports | News Talk
DJ Drama Voiceover Talent
Hip Hop
Dr. Dave Voiceover Talent
Hip Hop | Adult R&B | Rhythmic | CHR
Drew Hall Voiceover Talent
Hot AC | CHR
Eric Edwards Voiceover Talent
Hip Hop | Rhythmic | CHR
Scott Matthews Voiceover Talent
Country | Rock | CHR
Country | AC
Hip Hop | Adult R&B
AC | Hot AC | Country
Dee Garcia Voiceover Talent
CHR | Rhythmic | Spanish
Al Twitty Voiceover Talent
Hip Hop | Adult R&B | Rhythmic
Scotty Webb Voiceover Talent
Hip Hop | Adult R&B | CHR
Phil Marks Voiceover Talent
Hip Hop | Adult R&B | CHR | Rhythmic
Mitch Craig Voiceover Talent
Classic Rock | CHR | AC | Classic Hits | Adult R&B | News Talk
Country | Hot AC
Donald James Voiceover Talent
Country | Classic Rock | AC | Hot AC | Classic Hits
Heidi West Voiceover Talent
AC | Country | Classic Rock | Christian | Alt Rock
Rock | Classic Rock | News Talk | Country
Jerry Rohira
CHR | Hot AC
Dave Crockett Voiceover Talent
Country | CHR | News Talk | Rock
Michelle Fay Voiceover Talent
CHR | AC | Spanish
AC | Hot AC | Classic Rock | Country | News Talk
CHR | Rock | AC | Hot AC
Adult R&B
Hip Hop
CHR | Hot AC
Rock | News Talk
Hip Hop | Adult R&B
Jimmy Fish Voiceover Talent
Rock | Country | News Talk
Gary Williams Voiceover Talent
Classic Hits | AC | Hot AC
CHR | Hot AC | Rock
Adult R&B
John Driscoll Voice Over Talent
Hot AC | CHR | News Talk
Alt Rock
Hot AC | Rock | CHR
AC | Country | Rock
CHR | Hot AC
Rock | Sports | News | CHR
Adult R&B
Carolyn Gracie Voiceover Talent
AC | Country | Hot AC | News Talk
CHR | Country | News Talk
Rock | Hot AC
CHR | Rock
Paul Castronovo
Rock | Country | AC | Classic Rock

Bring Your Station to Life with Mix Talent